Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions.  Please speak with Heather Tucker to discuss your questions or if further clarification is needed. 

Q: How long are counseling sessions?
A: A typical counseling session lasts between 45-50 minutes, but at times can last up to 60 minutes depending upon the therapeutic content that needs to be covered in that particular session. First time appointments often last up to 60 minutes.

Q: How long will I be in counseling?
A: Length of counseling will depend on the complexity of the issues you are working on and how quickly you progress in therapy. It will be different for every person.  Generally, you will start seeing a counselor once a week for at least a short time, depending on how intensely you are experiencing distress.  The ultimate goal is for you to no longer need a therapist.  Depending upon your particular counseling goals, this can be achieved in as little as 3 months or can last longer than a year.  In specific instances, maintenance therapy may be an option.  Maintenance therapy involves sessions once a month or once every 6 weeks to help maintain your goals.

Q: When will I start to feel better?
A: This will vary from person to person, but usually people will feel some level of relief with their first session as they are finally starting to get the help they need.  Others may experience relief much later in the therapeutic process as they start to make actual changes in their life.

Q: Is counseling confidential?
A: Yes. Everything you share with a therapist will be kept confidential, unless you request that information be shared with someone else. There are five exceptions to this rule: 1. you disclose imminent risk to yourself or someone else, 2. you are unable to care for yourself, 3. you disclose a threat to a public building or national security 4. you disclose child or elder abuse/neglect, or 5. a judge subpoenas your records.

Q: Will you prescribe medications?
A: No. I am not licensed to prescribe medications, however, if I feel that medication would be helpful for you I will work closely with your prescribing physician/psychiatrist to ensure your quality of care with your permission.

Q: What kind of therapy do you do?
A: I work with strengths found within all individuals and their families, and use them to support successes in the therapy process. I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Choice Theory, Family Systems Theory, Brief Solution-Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to help my clients live healthy, satisfying, productive lives.

Q: Do you take insurance?
A: Yes, I do take insurance from most major providers.  In the event I do not accept your insurance, I do offer a self-pay option and will provide necessary documentation for you to seek reimbursement from your insurance company as an out of network provider.  My fee is $100.00 for an individual, family, or couples therapy session. More Information

Q: What if I don't have insurance?
A: I do offer a self-pay option.  My fee is $100.00 for an individual, family, or couples therapy session.  More Information

Q: Do you have a credit card processing fee?
A: No

Q: What is the no-show or late cancellation policy?
A: I understand life can cause unexpected situations which may necessitate missing an appointment.  A no-show and late cancellations (less than 24 hours advance notice) are subject to a $40 for a weekday appointments and $50 for weekend and holiday appointments.

Q: How do I get to your office?
A: The contact page has the address and map options.  The New Client page has specific directions and additional information.

Q: What are your business houses?
A: The contact page has specific information.  Typically I am available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and usually two Saturday's per month.

Q: What is your typical wait time a new client appointment?
A: There is usually a 1-2 week wait time for an appointment.  This can vary depending upon the flexibility of the client, and I sometimes will have cancellations allowing for an earlier appointment.  Please note that if you require an appointment after 2:00 pm or on a Saturday, that wait time can be up to 3-4 weeks.  Speak with Heather to see what options are available.  To maximize our time in the first appointment, please ensure your paperwork is all completed prior to arriving.

Q: Do you recommend any websites?
A: Yes